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  1. Thank you for your support! I hate the road a lot old youth are taking now days. There is nothing more fun than getting out there on an atv and experiencing nature's playground!
  2. Hello Everyone, We are trying to start a small group of youth riding ATVs to show them the outdoors and give them a taste of something they can do other than just sit on the couch, play video games, watch TV and text message their friends. Our motivation to start this project has been the increase of juvinile crimes, vandalism, drinking & drugging that has been rising in our neck of the woods. We are trying to find people who have broken but fixable or old atvs that they no longer use that they could donate to this project. We could also use any information you can give us on ATV junk yards or random trashed ATVs that people might not be using and are just letting go to waste. I know this isn't a nation wide search, but I was hoping maybe this would draw some attention to what we are trying to do in our area and possibly get a spark going in others to help in their community some way. If you want some more information about how you could help us ( in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana ) please consider dropping us a line at [email protected] or Help Fuel The Passion. Thank you for reading this post and for any help or information you can give us. Thanks Admin for allowing me to post this!
  3. I am working on a project for our community and someone has donated a LT230S for us to fix up for the kids. However, what they didn't tell us was that the "crack" in the crankcase was a 1.5" gaping hole, and that it was missing many many more parts. So we are looking to find somewhere we can acquire parts really cheap. Since we can not start taking monetary donations yet all of the repairs are coming out of our own pockets. Does anyone know other engines\trannies that will fit in this frame? Maybe that would open us up to some more options to get it fixed up. Thanks,

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