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  1. THANK YOU!! I'am just glad to help those who want it to SHINE!!
  2. Hello clubbers,greg king here wants to let you know that if you have polishing needs,i can help. Currently doing a lot of polishing on atv's at this time,from rims to carbs,no job to big or to small,i do it all.with 22+years exp you know the job will be done rite!!very good prices!! For more info you can check out this link Home there you will find all my work pics,info,and a guest book that you can sign and get discounts & deals!!! It is winter and a lot of people are on the tear downs. THANK YOU.........GREG KING @ GKINGPOLISHING.COM
  3. hello riders,new guy in the house.i am a owner operator of a custom metal polishing shop,located in southeast indiana.i live to polish and love to ride!! If you have any nasty looking parts that you might want to refinish hit me up,carbs,rims,trees,lower legs,swingarms,cylinders,heads,covers well you get the idea. For more info pm or email me i will hook you up!!! THANKS.........GREG KING

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