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  2. I am new to this site so i hope this is the right place to post my problem I have a 400 hoda AT I went to change the oil and when i went to put the plug back in I found out My threads on the case are stripped. I fliped the atv up and seen where there is only about 1/4 of area that the thread is 360 degrees around. Then it's threaded 3/4 away around. There is a void area on one side of the hole were it's threaded. Looks like for draining more oil out. If the bolt which is 12 mm x 1.5 was longer I might be able to catch some more threads that are 360 degree around up farther in the hole. I stoped by 7 stores and no one has a 12 mm x 1.5 thread. Anyway this is the darnest type threaded hole that I have ever seen. Does anyone have any suggestions. I don't know if a helearc (sorry about the spelling) would work since the hole is not tapped all around. and then that void area would be covered up which i don't know what its for any how mark

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