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  1. Thanks for replying After 24 hours it has apparently "dried" out and is working like normal. My "vin" pictured only has 16 digits. I'm trying to figure out what brand this is
  2. I bought this four-wheeler used for my son's birthday last week. It wasn't running when I got it but after a new battery and some tinkering it has been running for 5 days probably 8-10 hours of run time. Today after 1 hour My son wanted to wash it, I showed him how to be careful not getting water near the engine. We were careful but after we washed it and let it dry the motor starts but the transmission slips and won't really go forward. Even if I pick the back of the four wheeler up the wheels only go forward a tiny bit. It's as if something is slipping inside. But it worked fine right before the wash. Not sure what brand. I was told it was 90 cc's the VIN is attached. Is it 90 or 110ccs? No air filter came with it. Using a some old stockings until I figure out what air filter to order. My son is so bummed so I want to get it back up to speed but also teach him how to work on it. 20200620_184911.mp4

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