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  1. Thanks all the answer is right on......
  2. Of course the valves are not moving the cam is out and so are the rockers.....The question is all in the ignition system......and figuring out compression vs exhaust so that we send a spark at the right time A thought is that the coil opens on both the exhaust and the compression stroke allowing a spark every 360 degrees......But I can't find that in my book Thanks for the response
  3. Hello all.....Brand new to the site......Been fun reading other peoples problems My problem is I am installing a new Head/Cam/Cover on a 99 TRXFW. Before you ask I do have a manual......The book states "line up the "T" mark and adjust.......Make sure you are on the compression stroke"........If the cam has been removed how can you tell if you are on the compression stroke and not on the exhaust stroke? My worry is I will install everything and it will be 180 out.....Can anyone help me?

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