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  1. 10-4 Agreed. You're right. How else would it have cleared the cylinder wall to end up in the crankcase without doing hellish damage on the way out. It's just that not a single bolt on this thing had ever been removed before. Not even the valve covers to check the lash. Was only a couple years old with just a couple hundred miles when I got it. It was an older gentleman who didn't want to change gears any more due to a bad back, so he was selling it to move up to an automatic when he sold it to me.
  2. OK, sooo I finally did the old skid plate and screen removal to clean out my oil sump during an oil change... This bike only has a couple thousand miles on it. Runs like a top still... Very few issues over the years after buying it used. But boy I wasn't expecting to see this! Piece of a circlip, stuck up in the screen, and a another shard of metal and maybe a piece of gasket material. Nothing in the oil but that... Pristine otherwise, and still runs like a top. Always has. Soooo, is it a wrist pin clip? That's the only thing I can think of like this that could end up in there. But definitely wanted to throw it out to guys that have seen the innerds of these more than I have. The valves on this thing are still within the factory spec even. Been a really good lil workhorse... Any other ideas?

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