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  1. wow...thats great advice. Experience is a beautiful thing. I will look into that tomorrow and i will post results of my investigation. Thanks Alot!!
  2. starter button works when machine is running. if i push the starter button while the machine is running, i can hear the starter engage. The machine has a single unit regulator/rectifier. yes, a bad ground or connection is often overlooked.
  3. At a loss... Runs/starts great when jumped across solenoid. Solenoid has been replaced. Battery has been tested and is good. Doesnt start with start button but starter will engage when machine is running if button is pushed. Machine also is not charging. Regulator has been replaced. Stator has been tested and passes all 3 phases voltage and open to ground all 3 phases. Lights work great with machine running and battery disconnected. Starter solenoid relay has been replaced. Any help or suggestion much appreciated. I do not have a wiring diagram or manual which i probably should try and get. Thanks

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