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  1. Our 8 hour Team XC race is coming up. Here is some general information about the Endurance Race. Gates open on Friday at 5pm. There will be no riding until Saturday. Camping is primitive and free for all those wishing to camp Friday night. Registration will be between 6pm & 8pm Friday evening and from 7am-race time on the morning of the race. You can also pre register by emailing our scorer Karen, with the names of the riders, the class your team will be racing in. That way you can have your Bar Code reserved. We will have two lines at Registration one for Pre Registers and the one for folks the day of the race. One very important issue NO ONE WILL RECEIVE A BAR CODE unless you have paid first. Her e-mail addy is [email protected] Number plates are not required, at sign up,every team member will get a sticker with a number and a barcode on it, every team members sticker will have the same number, which will be placed on the left side of your helmet, and every lap at a "checkpoint" also known as the scoring chicane you will come to a stop, your sticker will get scanned and after a tap on the back by the scorer, you are off,very easy and painless. You can have as many bikes as you do riders (up to 4). You pay at the gate and we will give you a race voucher. The race is going to start on the mx track, you will run about 1/2 the track and then we will spit you out into the trail system. Not sure of the distance yet, but look for it to be 20~25 miles per lap. When you come out the trails, your helmet will be scanned and you will be directed back onto the track for the next loop. If you want another team member to take over for you, they will have to be waiting and ready in the pre designated area. The peewees will run on a much shorter loop, but will also start on the big mx track. The peewee race is going to be from 8am~11am Saturday morning. Adult Race will run from 11am~7pm. You will not be allowed back on the loop if your laptimes dictate that you will not finish by the appropriate time. For example, if your taking 45 minutes per lap, your shut off will be 6.15. Classes for the peewee's will be determined on the morning of the race, based on fairness. The classes for the adults are as follows: Open Bike Intermediate Bike Open Quad Intermediate Quad Utility Quad
  2. It's going to be a lot of fun Florida Motoplex - Labor Day Feature Weekend - Click here for details

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