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  1. Update: looks like the engine may have been painted green by a previous owner when it may have been in another bike. It turns out (after we deciphered the VIN) that this Suzuki quad is a 1985 (we were told 92 or 93) LT250E. The engine in the light of day looks a lot like a Suzuki engine despite the weird color. Now that I know it is an 85 I can proceed.
  2. Hi all, new member here. Picked up a really cheap non-runner last night from a neighbor. He had gotten it from someone else who had rebuilt it a few years ago and it has decorated his garage since. It is an early-90's (1992 or 93?) Suzuki LT250, but the weird part is the engine is a neon green color. I am now wondering if someone swapped the original motor out of this quad. Does anyone have experience with these that could give me a pointer as to what this could have come out of? I have heard that some Arctic Cat models had the same Suzuki motor - could that be where this came from?

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