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  1. Quick update. I got it running much better but it is idling high. The idle screw doesn't seem to have any effect. I checked for an air leak and can't find any. Could it be the something with the throttle? Maybe the slide is getting all the way to the bottom? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Also, where is the idle adjustment screw located? I'm having a hard time finding anything online that shows this.
  3. Ok. Got the carb cleaned and back on. Took the fuel tank off and cleaned it. It will now start and stay running, but it coughs and won't keep a steady rpm. Some backfires too. Do I need to adjust something on the carb?
  4. Do you recommend completely removing the tank to clean it?
  5. Thanks for the reply. Do you think it is worth draining and flushing the fuel tank?
  6. Picked up a 89 moto 4 250 for cheap a few years back from a friend that was moving. It ran and drove then, but wouldn't idle without quitting. Anyway, I pulled it out recently after it has been sitting to see if it would start with a new battery. It cranks but won't run. Fuel is getting to the carb from the fuel tank and I have good spark. If I pull the plug and pour a little gas in and replace the plug, it will run for a few seconds and quit. I figured it has to be carb related so I pulled the carb and have been inspecting it. There is some gunk in the bowl. The big jet looks ok, but

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