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  1. Thanks, that's a nice resource. We have ridden the South trail at Bethel and are planning on going back for the North side. We are going to try and catch it right after a rain because the day we went the dust was REALLY bad. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all. Kind of new to the ATV world but I'm lovin it. Looking forward to learning from the experts on this forum. We currently ride, 09 Metallic Black Big Bear 400 4X4 IRS (mine) an 08 Grizzly 350 (wife's), an 09 Hunter Green Big Bear 400 4X4 IRS (son's), 08 BB 250 (daughter's), 07 Recon 250 ES (daughter's) and an 06 Forman 500 which has been relegated to Working around the home site. I like em all for different reasons but my favorite is the Big Bear 400. It's like me... loves the mud!

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