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  1. where is the timing mark on the timing cam sprocke
  2. thanks i will look and see does anyone know if a service manual is posted to download?
  3. sorry it is a 1993 trx 300 ex i have never worked on one which side is the stator?? will the timing marks be in the same place?
  4. everything sounds ok spark ok when it is out of hole exhaust has pressure and suction at intake but will not start or fire even with starting fluid cannt figure it out and can not find service manual download free do not know if timing is ok can not figure out how to line up marks with out instruction
  5. adjusted to the marks i think it my be the rocker arm clearance
  6. i have had my 01 warrior for five months and not got to ride onece the quad is missing and idles real bad and i have to replace the starter clutch and gear for the second time do not know i am doing wrong

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