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  2. Got the 300 up and running good with a new paint job. Krylon "Fusion" works very well. The "Camo" green is much better than the factory "Blue". I posted a couple of pics on my profile page. Let me know what you think. chopt
  3. Hello to all, I just purchased a "new to me" early 90's model Suzuki King Quad. It's been lovingly used but not abused. Have rode several over the years but this is my first quad purchase and am looking forward to the fun it will bring. The previous owner didn't know much about it and i'm looking for sources of information on it, heck i don't even know what the engine size is. He told me it was a 1994 but my little bit of research shows it to be a 1992. It's a LT-F4WDX, it needs a tune-up (expected). Gonna contact the local "Suzy" store with the VIN to get a better idea of what i've got and plug and fluid her this weekend. Anyway i'm sure i'll have tons of questions soon, so just bear with me and "let the madness begin"... LOL Chopt

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