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  1. Rated X Motorsports has now added yet another prize to the AEM Fantasy Pool! Rated X has put a $250 certificate towards a set of Rated X Long Shock A-arms! The prize pool is getting huge folks! We are discussing with Rated X where this prize should fit. More info coming soon!
  2. You read that right! The Fasst company is behind AEM and has added a $120 voucher towards a set of Fasst Flexx bars to the AEM Ironman Fantasy Pool! If you don't have your picks in yet you better hurry up! The entries stop being accepted at noon on Friday! Head over to: Amateur Exposed Magazine and enter! Remember - First Place now gets three autographed jerseys (Ballance, Borich & Jenks), plus a $120 voucher towards a set of Fasst Flexx bars & stickers. 2nd Place - Gets 3 T-Shirts & stickers 3rd Place - Gets 2 T-Shirts & stickers
  3. We wanted to remind everyone to head over to AEM and enter the Ironman Fantasy Pool. Some great prizes this time and even stuff for 2nd & 3rd place! Plus! Be sure and locate me at the race for a ticket to win a one of a kind custom poster! Everyone is welcome to enter, but you only get one ticket! This is a limited drawing and the 250 tickets will go fast. In case you have not had a chance to enter yet, be sure and check out the PowerMadd sponsored contest - Get Madd! All you have to do is enter a photo of your PowerMadd product in use or on display for a chance to win a monthly T-Shirt! The GNC also sent us the final Champion poster and you can check it out in our scroller at the top of the page.
  4. Well the winner of our last round was the imfamous Jerrod Kelly - Editor of ATV Sport Magazine with 100 points! Looks like the media is killing the pool this year! That's four wins in the last six rounds by someone in the media! Well this round is a biggie! Last race of the season and also known to be the biggest spectator turn out. So get ready - AEM has a special treat for this round of the pool! Check it out here - wait for it to load! And to spice it up Maxxis Tires have donated T-shirts for the 2nd & 3rd Place finishers!
  5. Want more details? Go to Amateur Exposed Magazine Or click here to go to the details page!
  6. Amateur Exposed Magazine is offering a $100 ATV holeshot award at the Ironman GNCC race for the Woman's class. You read that right ladies! Show up, fire it up and get to that line first! Get your entry fee and fuel back in the first ten seconds of the race! Good Luck!
  7. Yep, I do one ore each GNC, GNCC and WPSA event. Or at least all that I went to this season. I have about 22 videos like those.
  8. I have a few. This is from the Loretta Lynn GNCC 2006 Sparta GNCC 2006 Big Buck Union SC GNCC 2006 Steele Creek NC GNCC 2006 Showtime GNCC
  9. The winner for the Unadilla GNCC Fantasy Pool contest was Cole Townsend with the Fasst Company. Since Johnny Gallagher runs Fasst Flexx bars, Cole has put the autographed jersey into another round and will be added to the prize for the Ironman GNCC. Congrats Cole! So that brings us to the next round. The St Clairsville, Powerline Park GNCC. The round is being sponsored by Outerwears. The have donated front and rear Shockwears of the winners choice. Plus an Airbox lid cover and filter cover, a T-Shirt, stickers and hat!! Stop by AEM and put your entries in quick! As many have discovered a tie in winners is decided by entry time! Click here to go to entry page! Click here to see everyones picks!
  10. I wanted to stop by and invite everyone to come by and check out the new issue of AEM. Amatuer Exposed Magazine is dedicated to the amateur racers and riders. You will find interesting interviews, and information on some of the hottest up and coming amateur racers. We also throw contests on a normal basis. Currently there is a fantasy pool for the Unadilla GNCC this weekend. The winner walks away with an autographed Johnny Gallagher JR jersey. Come check it out! www.atvexposed.com

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