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  1. I am at my wits end. I cannot get any spark at the plug. I replaced everything. New loom, CDI, Ignition Coil, Regulator, Stator. To attempt to eliminate kill switch issues, the only connections I am working with are the Stator to CDI, CDI to Coil., Starter solinoid to battery. The regulator is not connected, nor are any switches or other plugs. I have even removed the kill wire from the CDI connector. So I have the bare minimum of a ignition circuit. Yes, I do have a battery connected and earthed to the chassis. I am getting around 20v AC out of the stator on the red/black, and 0.5v AC on the blue/white (trigger). Same voltages at the CDI connector (input) I am only getting around 0.5v on the yellow/black out of the CDI to the coil. I am getting around 0.5v AC at the sparkplug. Any suggestions?
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