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  1. I'll look for the one I have and give it a try but I'm thinking the CDI is causing my problem. Has anyone had the same issues with theirs? I'm thinking the spark I'm getting is not in time with the compression stroke and actually sparking when the valves are open. I found a performance CDI replacement for 129. If anyone knows where to get it cheaper please let me know
  2. Just got over the weekend and can't even get a sputter from it starter clutch missing the top idler so it's pull rope only. Seems to have plenty of compression and it has spark when checked with plug out I've spray starting fluid directly in carburetor and while manually opening up the choke still nothing not even trying to start. Changed the plug as well. I'm going to order the starter clutch idler and anything else bad or missing but I want to at least hear it stumble or something but I tear apart. Carburetor was nasty and I'm getting cleaned up nice. I have fuel, spark, and compression. Even tried to spray in cylinder then stick the plug back in. With all that in mind what else can stop it from even trying

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