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    No it came off on the 9.9 mile trip back. The tire was trashed and drug most of the way back till it came off the rim.
  3. Thanks for the info. I was checking other sites and you confirmed what they all said. Except you explained it better. Going to Harbor Freight Tuesday to get the plastic welder. I also tore off the plastic skid plate at the Hatfield McCoy trails in July and the welder will be the only way to properly fix it.
  4. What you recommended is exactly what I was thinking. How am I going to find out the type of plastic they use on the fenders? Do you have any experience on these type of fenders? Not specifically welding the attachments back on for the headlights but anything one the plastic fenders / body parts. I feel this would be the best fix but I want as much information as I can get before I start any repair. I hate doing things twice.
  5. I had a small sapling / tree get between my brush guard and the fender flexing the fender so it broke the headlight attachment point from the fender. Any suggestion on how to repair? What kind of plastic is the fender made from for gluing? I need help in fixing this problem correctly.

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