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  1. haha yeah, they look like miniature mickey thompson classic II's. the blackwaters still got some good tread on them, cant wait to get it in the thick stuff
  2. they were asking $2500, and i got it for $2000...a little steep for its age, i know...but its all in all in pretty good shape. i really wanted a 4x4 for about that price before winter hits, and the price/availability has skyrocketed in this area lately it seems like. i'm from horseheads, ny. its in chemung county, on the pa border.
  3. hey everyone, i just found this forum since i just bought my first quad. i've grown up riding dirtbikes and quads, but this is the first one thats actually mine. its a 97, 400cc. pretty good shape for the year it is i think, and i got a pretty good deal on it. i've adjusted the front brakes to where i can get some good grab out of them, and the rear caliper lever gets stuck in the braked position, so i bought some new springs, and a rod and cable for good measure for the rear, which will be put on tomorrow. if anyone has any advice for a newb on these machines, let me know. thanks! [/img]

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