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  1. motor is tight an no broken mounts so must be the age of the cover . the clutch only rubs when its idling.
  2. never overheated an its exposed so well an just recent longest i rode it in the past 2 months was 10 minutes just around the yard to charge the batt
  3. The centrifical clutch cover on my 1996 xplorer 400 4x4 has been vibrating alot lately an now the clutch housing inside has been rubbing the cover while idling. I took the cover off an its not cracked an the belt will need to be replaced soon but still very useable. If i manually pull the housing out away from the engine while it runs it doesnt rub but if i let it go on its own it rubs. Is there a bracket behind the whole case on the motor that maybe wore or the rubber gasket inside the housing spueezed too much over time that the cover is now too close?

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