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  2. Just wanted to let all quad riders / racers know there is a oval dirt track race this sunday at Beever Creek Raceway. I spoke with the promoter and no special tires are required so if your curious or have been taking a break from racing, come on down and check it out. Home Page The website has the wrong date listed. The race will be on Sunday the 27th, not Saturday the 26th as listed on the beevercreekspeeday site. please see https://www.facebook.com/TNValleyflattrackers Hope to see you there!........ On SUNDAY
  3. I'd like to get up with you and race as well. I have a 250R and used to race down in Florida a few years back. I think there are some tracks around Huntsville, an indoor race from time to time in Decatur (last one was March 15th). It's with the Tennessee Valley Flat Track association. I haven't ever raced with them but I know from past experience you want to be affiliated with a legitimate league, the local racing only tracks like to use quads as the mud / track sweepers. Hit me up, let's go race somewhere.
  4. Hey I am a Flattrack / TT racer in Florida, looking for somewhere to race these days. The racing here has thinned out and I am looking to find somewhere new to try out.

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