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  1. Starter is working fine, dont think its a short. After swapping parts with a running lakota, and by checking around with the voltmeter, we think it is the pick-up coil. It has gotten to the point to where it will not run now. Which helps in diagnosing it. Ordered a pickup coil the other day. Hopefully that will fix it.
  2. Well it has fire when you use the start button but the thing wont start unless you drift start it and the starter works fine! I think something must be pullin some fire from the coil or something? i checked the pickup coil and it test right and i have spark on the plug when i use the start buttom but has to be drift started to work
  3. Ive been working on a 93 Bayou and I need some help. You can start it just fine when its cold. But if you run it for less than 30 seconds then it will not restart by using the electric starter. It will turnover but not fire. But you can drift start it for less than 2 feet and it will run just fine. It runs just fine, but has that starting problem. Can you offer any advice?

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