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    Thanks! I love making stuff like this for the kids, makes great memory pictures for them!
  2. Thanks everyone! After doing these I had them printed and they are hanging in their rooms. I get great compliments for them and ask how much I paid to have them done by professionals, needless to say they are shocked when I let them know that I did it all and only paid for was the printing!
  3. Thanks swampcat07! I knew what pictures that I had taken and what I wanted to do, it didn't take me very long to do!
  4. Just got back from racing in Tularosa, NM. Preston finished 3rd today was unable to finish the main race, due to a bad wreck. He was happy to see that his fellow racer was okay. Bailey had an interesting day, she finished 2nd in the first race and was more that willing to go into the main and kick butt. She lead the race for 3 out of the 5 laps and was upset that she kept hitting the kill switch (not intentionally), she gave Willie a good race. They both were excited to share cupcakes will all of their fellow racers as we celebrated Bailey's 10th birthday. It is nice to see that the kids are all friends from different cities throughout NM and TX!
  5. Congrat's to you both!!! Nothing is better than watching them grow up its priceless.
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  7. A local business in town held a truck or trick for the kids in town. They allowed other business/organizations to decorate parking spaces for Halloween and to hand out candy. We neither being a business or organization decided to sign up the kids racing team and decorate for the event. We had a huge mural and inflatables and a sign that lite up saying "Happy Halloween from BPG Racing" In front we made a walk way were the kids had to walk in between the kids quads that was decorated with spider webs, spiders and mini strobe lights. The kids that visited our booth enjoyed seeing it and loved that the kids let them take pictures sitting on it!!!! So yes we enjoy decorating the quads and the children love seeing them!
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    Dynamic Graphics Inc.!
  9. did u check the throttle cable it might be catching on something.
  10. Thanks everyone that voted for our picture!!! My daughter was excited when she found out that she had won, she can't wait to get her gifts. I will post pictures of her and the gifts she recieves. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR VOTING!!!!!
  11. Thanks!! I love watching my kids race!!! She was even more thrilled that she placed 6th overall for the series and her brother finished 8th overall in this class out of 16 racers. They did very good for their first year racing!
  12. This is my 9 yr. old daughter Bailey racing in Tularosa, NM. She was thrilled that she past this boy on the turn. She didn't care that she hadn't won the race. She was EXCITED that she mastered her goal and kept that BOY behind her for the remainder of the race. "He ate my dust mom!", is all that she said with a grin on her face!

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