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  1. Cheap Cycle Parts is the best prices Ive found for factory parts but a new carb is going to be just a tad over 400 bucks, I just bought one for my 98 and if you go that route I suggest you put in an inline fuel filter and also never use gas with ethanol again. It eats the plastic parts up over time and causes issues.
  2. Carb cleaner isnt highly flammable and wont act as gas to start the engine and also if you have the air box lid off youll mess up the air fuel mixture setting making it even harder to start better off doing the method I stated above, but anyway good luck
  3. Try taking out the plug and using a hose with a funnel to add like a tablespoon of gas to the cylinder then quickly put the plug back in and see if it fires up. I had an issue with the float and needle not allowing fuel to flow properly in mine ethanol eats away at the materials and any small amount of dirt can cause a sticky needle may need a cleaning or rebuild . Just a thought

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