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  1. the override is governed in reverse for the 4x4. Is there a possibilty of the override 4x4 and governing shorting? Or where do i start looking for a wiring problem?
  2. Can anyone inform me on how these quads are governed? I'm thinking it's got something to do with the cdi box and the override shorting when wet or something like that?
  3. Anyone know where i can find the wiring schematics for it?
  4. My 97 Explorer 400 works fine the majority of the time except for when driving through mud and water. Once I get into some water the engine starts to bog and run no faster than 5-10 km/h in 4x4. As soon as I hit the 4x4 switch and put it in 2 wheel drive it runs fine. It usually takes approx a half hour before the 4x4 will start to allow the quad to work again and it will work fine up until the quad getting wet again. Any thoughts on what's failing or what to look for?

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