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  2. Hey Dirtdemon, Man you sure called that one right. I was a little apprehensive about doing the valves but it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. Anyway, once I adusted both ehaust and intake it fired right up and has been doing great ever since. thanks a million. dale
  3. O.K. gentlemen, now, I can get it running and ideling great and it will constantly start back up for several hours. The problem now is the next day it won't start again??? It seems as though once it's warm everything is fine but after sitting overnight I'm back in the same boat. thanks
  4. Hey Josh, Man, You're hard to guard! Thanks a million. I'll let you know how it goes. thanks again dale
  5. Hi DirtDemon, Is it possible to get one without buying the whole carb kit? I haven't seen one in a kit like mine as it has a small spring retaining clip at the top of it. I wonder if anyone on line has a schematic of the different carbs and covers the various adjustments. I doublt the specifications in my manuel will be the same. thanks dale
  6. The price rules out a new carb and I'm not sure I actually need a new one. Where can i get a page or two discussing the various settings of adjustment for the carb i have? thanks
  7. Hi Buckbilly, Thanks for your reply. What would be involved in changing over to a different carb? What would do about the throttle and choke cable? Would the set up be the same for a different carb? thanks again
  8. With the old needle it pours gas out in the carb and the new float needle won't let gas into the crb as though it's blocking the vacume. Once i get it started it will run fine till i cut it off.
  9. Hi All, I have a 250 quadrunner 2wd and the title says 1990 and the vin number checks out right but I got it used and have had it for several years. I'm having fits with the carburator and have the factory service manual but the carb pictured in the book is different from mine and i can't even find a similar model on ebay or anywhere. I bought a kit for it and the float needle is different and that is the main problem I'm having. I can get it started and idling fine then the next day it won't hardly start. It's about to drive me crazy

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