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  1. well i have the bike torn down and i am not getting any spark.The coil isnt getting power so i thought it might be the cdi so i ordered one and they sent me one for a 2006....it didnt fit.Soooooo i really dont know what to do now,from what ive been reading,they dont usually go bad.
  2. i have a manual,and it said test ignition coil(if no voltage replace cdi) and that there are no specs on testing cdi, so i orderd one and try it as soon as it gets here.I hope this works,i checked for lose with and such
  3. ok i had time to mess with it today,it has no spark....... i used a meter on the ignition coil and got nothing......so would it be the cdi??
  4. yes the battery is def. good,what does the stator do exactly?
  5. ok ,its such a pain just getting to the spark plug on this thing,u gotta dissasemble everything.But i will do so tomorrow and check for spark and fuel........its just weird how sometimes it fires up normal and other times it wont at all ....depends on what day i go out there to start it.
  6. thats correct it turns like normal but just wont start..............
  7. OK long story short....bike was running great no problems and i was back in the woods one day and it stalled .It wouldnt restart ,kept wanting to but it wouldnt.I towed it home.It sat in garage for a week ,i would try starting it every couple days ,it wouldnt.Then one day it fires right up.I kept starting it once a week with no problems.Then after a month same thing just wouldnt start.I but a battery tender on it for a day, then it fired right up,problem fixed i thought.So i turned it off and tried again and it just turns......IM going crazy over this thing,the battery is good..... Any help would be super

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