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  1. she be a 94 Timberwolf 2wd. Got the new CDI box today and put it on after checking to make sure I had no dead grounds. Hooked the CDI up, put the plastic back on and still no fire. From the motor to the CDI i have fire, but going out of the CDI still no fire. Maybe a the netural position switch. When I put the tester on it in netural it showed hot, when I changed it into gear it showed hot??? I'm gettin pretty
  2. Okay so I figured out that my problem was my CDI box, well I ordered one off a guy on ebay. Should be here any day. Question is what would have made the other one just go out like that? I don't wanna plug this one up, fire her up and have the same thing happen. What are some things that I should check for before I plug this new CDI up?
  3. From the informantion that I can gather from the motor, she be a '94. Hopefuly my CDI box gets here soon.
  4. Sure will. Hopefuly I can get the thing running, the kids are anxious to ride.
  5. Thanks Mike but my problems got deeper when I started to do some test. First thing I did was test the switch the other guy put on, every thing was fine. Well I checked the wires going from the stator to the CDI box were good, Well the wires leaving the CDI box goin to the coil arent getting any juice. Bought a CDI box on ebay for 32.00 got my fingers crossed that it'll work.
  6. Okay guys I've had this 250 sitting in my shop for a little over two years and finaly found the parts to fix it. I got it running took it off of the table and sat it on the ground. Fired it right back up and it ran perfect. Well wouldn't go in reverse so I got off and pushed it backwards, well she died. Now i'm not getting any spark to the plug???? The guy that had it before me ran a new on off switch and a start button, I don't think that is the problem though. Any ideas????

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