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  2. I actually just got done with practice and was gearing up for the race. Moto 1, Race 1.
  3. allyson421

    fall 2008

    Yeah this year was actually my first year on 450s, but running at national level I wouldn't stand a chance with anything smaller. At districts people are a lot slower so I was able to race it and still do good.
  4. allyson421

    senior picture

    okayy but i need addresses lol totally kidding!!!! any of you go to the quad nationals?
  5. allyson421

    fall 2008

    i raced it in the youth sport, youth production, and women class in districts but now im too old for it so i have a 450 and sooo glad i don't have 2stroke anymore.
  6. allyson421

    senior picture

    I would say yes you all get signed pics but i'm not famous quite yet. I will be someday soon though lol
  7. Thank you and it's at Walnut, Illinois. It's a national track!
  8. go back to the doctor tomorrow to get stitches out and a cast on and then racing the ama/atva nationals round 11 in tennesse in august
  9. i actually just broke my arm racing in ohio last weekend but hoping to be back up there next month in tennessee. surgery tomorrow

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