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    These karts are for age group 5 to 8 and they will run anywheres from 30 to 45 mph depending on track and set-up. Heres a great race vid of my boy and his best friend. http://www.youtube.com/user/infinity0700#p/a/u/1/pGht5HgH1HY
  2. Thanks for the reply. Right now I' waiting on parts to get here. I'm done with the port'n and polishing of the head and intake. I've milled the head down a few thousands to add a little more compression. Its funny you mentioned about parts interchanging. I was going to lap the valves in last night and noticed that the intake valve had all but pulled thru the seat. I got to looking around and found a GX 140 ohv engine in the corner. Pulled the valves out and wat u know they'll work! lol We use alot of parts off of the GX 140 -200 on our karts and can get parts dirt cheap. The oem valve for this 70 cost 20 bucks. The valve off of the gx, $5. lol
  3. Newbee here and got a few questions for ya! I'm working on honda 70 and looking to find some aftermarket parts for it without going to local honda shop and spending a fortune. lol I race karts here in NC and going to make a pit bike to ride around on and just wanting to hop it up a little.Just wandering if anyone knows where I could find a aftermarket cam with more grunt than a stock cam? My plans so far is to do some port'n and polishing on the head, boring out the cylinder and put'n in a little bigger piston. Can I get a piston and rings lets say .020 to .030 over? Also has anyone ever milled the head down for more cc's on these little motors? Would there be enough valve clearance if you did? Any help or advise would greatly appreciated! Thanks,,

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