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  2. For anyone who was curious about the trip to Glamis that was for Hallowen, October 24th-November 2nd, is postponed until February. Dates are tentative but will probably be February 14th-22nd. Will keep everyone posted with any changes. Once again, Glamis Trips provides transportion for ATV's and dirtbikes from Sarasota, Florida to the Imperial Sand Dunes. The machines will be out there for aproximately 8 days. Those who come can stay out there the full time or just for a few days. Each individual is responsible for their flight to California, normally everyone flies into San Diego and rents a car to drive east about an hour and half to the dunes. If you are renting a motor home, you can take a cab from airport to Rental Place and drive it in. If renting a car, you can have a sleeper trailer, dropped off at the camp waiting for you when you get there. Besides a place to stay and airfare, other expenses are fuel and spending cash. We also have a truck and trailer out of NY. For those interested visit GlamisTrips.com or call Chris at (941) 312-5092. We have total of about 28 atv sized spots available per trailer. A spot can be either a normal sized atv or 2 dirtbikes. Hope to get people from here to join for guaranteed best atv trip of a lifetime in the dunes with 200,000 plus people over Presidents Day Weekend 2011!!!!! Thanks Chris
  3. Heres some more info for anyone interested! Leaving NY and Now FL. Visit www.Glamistrips.com for all info. Shipping round trip for roughly $575-600 per ATV Sized Spot. Price includes Party with Live DJ (M2M Entertainment) in the Dunes for Halloween!!! Well its that time of year again and we are planning our Annual East Coast Trip to the Imperial Sand Dunes in Glamis, California. Please let me know if anyone would like to join us. Oct. 2010 is now being booked. The dates for this years Trip are Oct. 24th - Nov. 2nd 2010. For more info just PM me or visit GlamisTrips.com. I Hope to get a bunch of guys from here going as you know we have been doing this for many years and am knowledgeable about the dunes. Feel free to ask anything. There are no stupid questions. Pricing is under $600 for the shipping round trip. This is what we provide. Additional Cost for you as the rider would be: Airfare you have to figure on $200-$300 and then a motor home between 3 guys is about $400 each for the full 9 days. A motor home costs apx $1200 for about 9-10 days. One this size can fit 6 people but there will be very little room to move around with eveyone inside at one time. We have seen two couples and 2 guys make it work in a motor home this size without any issue. After that you have spending money beer food etc. You have to figure on apx $1200-$1800 total depending on the type of motor home you want to stay in, how much you want to ride, and what quality of food you want to eat. We have been happy with burgers, hot dogs, and chicken which keeps the trip cost down. We stay for 8-9 days of riding. Preview of Trip and last years videos are at YouTube - teamfas's Channel Some of the members from here are on the vids that went with us last year
  4. Ever been riding in Glamis, CA? If you have you know you want to go back! If you haven't, you don't know what your missing. Check us out online at www.GlamisTrips.com for more info. Trailer will be Glamis October 24th- November 2nd. Trailers leaving from NY and Sarasota, FL.
  5. Hey guys, we are planning a trip from Florida to Glamis, CA. Truck and trailer are leaving the Sarasota area around October 17th. Your machine will be out there October 24th-November 2nd. Your machine is insured to and from the Sand dunes. Your machine will be out there the full 10 days but you can come and go as you please, even stay for a long weekend if thats what you can work out. We have about 25 spots left. A spot generally consists of one quad or two dirtbikes. Call or email for more info. www.glamistrips.com

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