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  1. Thanyou for the advise.Im begining to regret buying this quad.Its getting me down(falling at the first hurdle!)Its a lovely little quad though.My initial plan was to get an LT80 for my son Patrick but on reflection i thought it was too big and clumsey.The trx70 seemed a far better size. I have spent hours stripping paint and spraying new and put it all back together.It looks brand new.Its a shame we have no parts in the UK since its so expensive to buy parts from US ,shipping them over, in the hope that they will fit.Regards David
  2. I would be grateful if anyone could help me re the recoil starter for my Honda TRx70. I am refurbishing a 1986 model - I am based in the UK and I am having trouble to find a new or used recoil starter. Could anyone advise me if another models recoil starter would work - for example ATC110?? I am new to refurbishing and am still learning so any advice would be gratefully appreciated. I have trawled the interent looking for sites that would help and I am constantly on ebay but have had no luck!! I need one to start the engine as it doesnt have one. Look forward to the advice. Regards David

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