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  2. new rear end and and no more grinding besides little hum which i think is tires
  3. just an update still waiting on new rear end going on six months now
  4. yea just found out it is on two week back order so as soon as gets here will let you know
  5. still waiting for the new rear end guys, as soon as get it and install it i will let you know what happens
  6. just ordered whole new rear end so hope that fixes problem
  7. yea well got the stop ring out but needle bearing is being a pain, i just noticed that the threads in the case are messed up from removing lock nut so at this point i think i am going to just buy a new rear end
  8. well finally got that lock nut out after three hours now i can not get the needle bearing and ring stopper out, any ideas?
  9. so i finally got time to tear down the rear end. first thing when i drained the gear oil it looked like someone took a bottle of silver glitter and dumped it in the gear oil, there was so much metal in it. once got everything torn done everything seemed ok, the one bearing on the gear case side seemed like it had a little hang up in it, other then that everything came apart pretty easy. the only problem i am having now is getting the lock nut out that holds the bearing in front of the pinion gear. seems like i need a special tool to get it out because the lock nut is in the shape of a star which i can get no tool in to take it out.
  10. yea warranty ended few days ago, just waiting for a day off to tear it down will keep you guys posted
  11. the other mechanic from the fire station one of many of my jobs stopped by tonight to test ride the atv, at first he said it sounded like a bearing going bad but then after riding it around a little more he seems to think that the ring and pinion are just riding tight together which could be causing the noise. from standing behind me when i was riding he said he could hear it when i go both ways now right and left but said it is a lot louder when i turn to the right. so not sure what to do now, guess tomorrow will price it out to see how much it will cost to replace all the bearings becuase i find online i can get a whole new rear end for around $350
  12. got it back from dealer they tried a fatter shim in rear end and that helped a little but still there, honda said there is nothing more they can do so i am on my own, i think the next step is to try new bearings cause my mechanic at work said there is no way to check sealed bearings and they could look ok to the eye but really there could be a small defect with them so monday i guess will order some new ones and hope that is the problem
  13. its a deep grinding noise, the dealer just told me that they found some scoring on the gear in the transfer case but said they are not doing anthing about it, could that be a cause?
  14. i didnt get to see the fluid cause the dealership drained it so who knows if they will tell me the truth. could the bearing just be defective from the factor? the sound seems to like it is coming from the rear diff, the sound is on the left side in the rear end and you can feel it in the left foot peg
  15. i am running out of options and not sure what to do anymore. i have an 2009 honda rancher 4x4 foot shift model. i have only put about six tanks of gas through it since i bought it. i have developed a really bad grinding noise from the rear end only when you make right hand turns. it does not grind while driving straight or turning left only when you turn sharp to the right. you can hear it and feel it throughout the bike. it has been into three different dealerships now and not one dealership can figure out what is causing the grind. they said the bearing all look ok, the shims are to spec and everything in the rear end looks normal. it has solid rear end with drum brakes. Is this a normal sound for this model ?or does anyone know what is causing this grinding noise?

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