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  2. Thanks. I just sent him a message. I appreciate all the help.
  3. Does anyone have a repair manual for the 07 yfz450 in pdf that i can pick up from them. thanks in advance.
  4. Well i am engineer in the navy and i am pretty mechanically inclined so this should not be too tough. Just a little nervous about it. i do have the service manual so all should be good. Thanks. Any special tools i should have before i start.
  5. I am going to drain some oil tomorrow and check that. But the level never changed. I was low on coolant cause i rebuilt the starter clutch and when i got done i forgot to refill the system. But it still had a small amount in the overflow tank. But it was very low. How do i check the lash on the valves. What will i need to measure that. And is this a very difficult job. I am new to doing my own work any tips appreciated.
  6. Okay i have a 2007 TRX450ER and it wont idle. I have cleaned the carb. checked the air filter. Now it got hot and was low on coolant but i filled it up. It didnt run very long. The idle adjustment screw wont do anything for the idle. I set the jets in accordance with the service manual. A friend says it needs a vlv job not too sure. It does sound pretty rough with a slight knock but has always had that. No aftermarket parts, all stock. It starts and runs with choke but ran it for 10 minutes and then took the choke off and it died in about 1 minute. Need help. Please. New to the site and this is the test drive. lol

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