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  2. I may need help or advise in the future, so I better be on your good side. Thanx
  3. Well I got 'er fixed, had to buy a new display but it had to be done. Xtremepowersports.com is the place to go, I got it for a fraction of what everyone else is asking for ($123).
  4. Thank you, I have taken it apart once but I will try it again...I did see somewhere that these displays are very sensetive to any voltage variations and go bad. Like I said I'll give it one more shot, if not i'm out $125...
  5. Hey, I got a 2007 Suzuki King Quad 700. I took it "squba diving" (not intentionally). I drained it, changed oil a few times, fired right up. My problem is the LCD display, it worked fine at first, then it would work for a minute after start up, now, it's blank, only the backlight works. Suggestions? Thank you.

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