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  1. Well the frame is bent like y'all said what should I do?
  2. My girlfriend wrecked it a while ago and I replaced a lot of parts on the front left side but the front left tire still tilts inwards a little I think the frame is bent???!!!! Any suggestions on what to do??? thank you Greg.
  3. Hey I posted a forum about this ATv earlier and I did exactly what y'all said all fluids and filters changed everything but still smokes bad and makes a knocking noise in the top of the motor.....any suggestions?
  4. Thankyou for the help i bought new oil and filter and bought a new air filter and box cause the box was broken so parts are on the way and i will get a new plug also but im taking the carb off anyways to clean it so its just already done and im emptying the gas out to put new gas in but how do i check the valves again thankyou for the help its much appreciated.
  5. Hey everyone I just bought a 2000 Honda foreman and it smokes a lil and sometimes oil comes out of the muffler but the guy I bought it from said it needs carb work cause it sat for two years he said there is a lot of sea foam and fuel stabilizer that he put in it that's why I think it smokes it anyone got any ideas it runs but bogs out when you give it gas but fires right up some one please help me!!!

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