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  1. anyone swapped brake levers on the Rancher? i have a new rancher 420. brake lever is slightly out of easy reach, ive done my homework and it looks like an 88-89 Honda CBR600 brake lever will fit. These ones are adjustable, what yall think?
  2. thanks ya'll. the rubicon is from Jeep, Rubicon. Altho i have my eyes set on a Honda Rubicon second. and a Honda Rancher 420 almost for sure. any local guys? Man atv'ing in the snow looks fun over there NY
  3. I joined on here to get more info before i make my purchase. Im looking for a 4x4 quad. Im interested in all terrain, and not in fast highspeed atv type vehicles. I need all the help i can get.I do know what i am looking for. I am a newby. It would be awesome too , to find someone with an extra quad that i can ride with you (i will pay) and you can teach me the basics. I come from shifter karting, ive always wanted to get into atv's for fun, non competitive layback go anywhere sport. thanks and take care jason [email protected]

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