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  2. i have that 2002 big bear with the elictral problem.just wonderin if the stator went would that keep my start button and netural dash light not workin and bike havein no fire ?
  3. i have a 2002 400 big bear 4x4 was workin fine then just died . there seems to be no power gettin through the key . won t even start with the pull start so i guess there s no power gettin to the coil.just wonderin where to start lookin.
  4. na don t think its the battery it won t start with the pull start either its like there no power goin through the key just wonderin if it might be a netural saftey switch
  5. i was just out plowin my driveway and my atv died.tryed to restart and nothin on the star button and i have no lights in my dash .i can pull the bike over on the pull start and it won t go .so i assume theres no fire getting to the spark plug.any ideas be great since i have like 2 feet of snow to plow .thankx

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