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  2. will do ! RZMask’s Green Solutions Recycling has become more important than ever as it turns would-be waste into valuable resources. Recycling creates jobs, saves money, protects health of humans and wildlife and most importantly helps the environment. RZMask’s N99 active carbon filters are re-usable and hand washable, making for a long lasting, quality product. We also Support Blue Ribbon Coalition and Tread Lightly, to promote responsible and safe riding for everyone, everywhere.
  3. The clown mask should be coming out middle of June hopefully ....
  4. Yea Its gotta be a nano or a shuffle or one of the smaller ones,,, It depends though you might be able to fit one of the bigger ones maybe ....
  5. good deal !! Your gonna love it,, you will be impressed
  6. Yup they really are great... You can order online http://rzrmasks.com and when you join the site you can use the NEW2RZR code to receive 10% off....
  7. Check out these new designs available june 1st.... Only from RZR Mask!! Red Camo: Green Camo Aqua Camo Orange Camo Skull War Hero Red skulls Paint Clown Face Bomber Blue Diamond Black Star 8Ball What do you think?? Whats your favorite ??
  8. Awesome man,, glad to hear you like it !!
  9. Great to hear you got it and your gonna have a great time using it,, riding is much more fun when your not eating dust the entire trip ...
  10. Hey guys,, Heres some shots from out Glamis trip 2011 The hill Sweet Maries now carrying RZR MASKS Dunes Dunes Sunset RZR MASK RZR MASK Coolest Rail we saw Vendors row:
  11. we'll gladly send a sample out to someone to test out,, who wants to be the guinnea pig?? we've been trying to contact the person who runs this but haven't had any luck. We certainly don't want to be bothering anyone on here with spam:no:,, but let me know which one of you would like to test one out and we'll get er out to ya

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