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  2. So, can we talk about PRIZE MONEY for the mud pit races??? As you all know we are having mud racers on Saturday, July 30 th at the 2nd Annual Can-Am Jericho ATV Festival . We have 5 classes. Amateur ATV 599 cc and under $5 entry fee - $250 1st place prize Amateur ATV 799 cc and under $5 entry fee - $250 1st place prize Amateur ATV 800 cc and above $5 entry fee - $250 1st place prize Amateur UTV, any UTV $10 entry fee - $150 1st place prize Semi Pro Class, any ATV $10 entry fee - $150 1st place prize These are all guaranteed prizes, so they can not go down. I am told that they could go up... The mud pit has had a lot of work done to it this year. We will be able to run 4 atv's down the 200' without any problems. So does anyone want to play in the mud??? Check out our web site, Jericho Park ATV Festival - Mud pit competition, trail riding & more for more information.
  3. Hey all, Save these dates, July 30th & 31st, 2011. The 2nd annual atv festival is on. We have Can-Am back as the title sponsor along with many others, like NH National Guard, Berlin City Auto, Profile Power Sports just to name a few. We will be at the Jericho Mountain State Park in the event area. We are located on Route 110 in Berlin NH. We will be having mud races on Saturday with 5 different classes with cash prizes for the winners. On Sunday we will open up the mud pit to "come one, come all". You can race against anyone, or any size machine. We have CR Helicopter giving rides around the area. Plus we have more vendors and great food. Entrance fee is $3.00 per day for 13 y/old and above. There is no registration required as long as you have a green wrist band. You can ride all the trails at Jericho Mountain State Park and the City Connector trail into Berlin to get gas and food, without be registered. Check us out at Jericho Park ATV Festival - Mud pit competition, trail riding & more and follow us on Facebook, "Jerchio atv Festival".
  4. Hey All, I am a newbie...or so I am told. Been riding for years...live in Northern New Hampshire with my lovely wife and kids. The state of NH just open a 7500 acre atv park. I am President of the local ATV club and Vice President of the NH-Off Highway Vehicle Association. So with all this, I really don't find much time to ride unless it is snowing and the driveway needs to be plowed....:iagreec:

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