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  2. Ok yeah I'll check the voltage this weekend and let you know
  3. Thanks thebom. Yeah the battery was dead from sitting so long. I took the battery out of my Honda that I ride everyday and put it in. I'll check it though I'll try anything
  4. thanks josh. I got a shop manual im gonna start going thru all the tests with a voltmeter. it is definatly electrical. It wouldnt even start tonight so I pulled the plugs and it would only spark one time when i hit the start button. Thanks for the feedback. I just wish they didnt make stuff so complicated. Whatever happened to the good ole days when it wouldnt start youd either pull it or coast start it and you was good to go.
  5. I have a 2000 ds 650. Sometimes it will start sometimes it wont. when it does start it will only run for about 10 seconds and then it dies just like you hit the kill switch. Even if you hold the throttle at a higher rpm it sounds great till it dies. im sure it has to be electrical can anybody give me some feedback

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