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  2. 2005 kingquad is that not fuel injected system.
  3. no unit ran this way right from dealership.took it back four or five times dealer said it was due to EPA rules. motor is rebuilt now with a high compression piston.still runs bad. have put the bigger carb on it . does starts 100% easier but lopes at high RPM. have not had it at on dirt. also been to busy to miss with it.put new fuel pump rated as 14 liter an hour.looking for more if's? could be's.
  4. bought above machine after a 1989 of same make , model. wish i had keep old one. new one will not perform near what the old one did. 15 to 20 miles an hour in speed ,going down hill and on streight. difference is the carb i has a mikiuni BST31SS .old one had a mikuni VM24SS am thinking and want to replace with a bigger throated carb.am i thinking along the right lines or way off?

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