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  1. The problem i had last year was a little different. THe gas is not old. I fixed it a year ago the carb was rebuilt and was running good every sense until a couple of months.. I already changed the spark plug. Also made sure there was oil getting to the cam and valves at top...Now it does burn oil. But sometimes the quad will work for about a hour then start choking. Thinking its electric now what i dont know is if the timing is off i dont know how to check that.
  2. I can't really tell. I would think its starving for fuel..But It starts right back up once it dies.. I was thinking it was the stater. Isn't that where it gets its timing? My friend told me its computer timed which i don't know...
  3. HI I have a Raptor 660 2003.. I'm having a problem of the engine staling out when i Ride it.. I turn it on and it sounds fine now when I take it out and rev it up it starts choking and starts dieing on me...It doesn't do this all the time. I got to ride it for five mins then it starts to choke.. the carb has been rebuilt about 6 months ago....is there a oil pressure switch on this model?? Thanks for your help..
  4. I got my carb back and I put it back, the thing runs good nice sound. I do have a brake safety switch on order, I learned that mine was missing. which is werid cause I was riding it right after i got the carb then 10 mins later it wouldn't work right. I just want to say thanks for your guys help. you pointed me in the right direction. Thanks again you guys P.S. redneckyankee your fuel problem could it be the gas cap. Cause like mine its gravity feed in and if it can't breath its going to restricted the flow of gas getting to the carb when the gas gets lower correct?
  5. I already took the carb in. I don't have time to take a bunch of pics and mess with it.
  6. I already know that everything is is working or it wouldn't start up on the choke. I'm pretty sure it is the carb being gummed up and not adjust right, its been sitting for a at least 8 months. plus the carb is not in a easy place to work on, its kinda of in there. Also I was thinking of rebuilding it myself but ive really never done it. What screws you talking about? the air/fuel mixture? I was just thinking if i got it rebuilt then i know everything is working in the carb.
  7. I'm going to rebuild the carb to see what happens. On the brakes there is a wire that is broken. Looks like it clips in there I put it back in it doesn't really do anything. I'll let you know what happens after i rebuild the carb Thanks for you help
  8. I did take both bowels off and cleaned and made sure float was moving, I don't think its been jetted before I think a rebuild might fixs it? Right?
  9. Also I forgot to mention. The only way to start it is with the choke on, once its warmed up I turn the choke off and the thing dies, also when you rev up it just back fires, sounds like it trying to rev.
  10. Hello I have a Yahama Raptor 660 2003. I bought from my friend it wasn't working when i bought it. All I did was take the carb out and cleaned it, then took the two bowels out and cleaned that. Once I did that then it started. But when you rev it up it back fires and sounds like it has a hard time keeping up, sounds like its going to die. but it sounds fine when at idling. Kinda of wondering if the carb needs to be rebuilt or if there's something elese wrong. If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks for your time.

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