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  2. It does not idel at all. I will check the items you suggested and get back to you guys. Thanks for now.
  3. Well, I took the carb apart and found nothing visibly wrong with it. Didn't check the petcock. Not to sound like a complete doofus but where is the diaphram pump located excatly?
  4. We have a 1998 Polaris Xplorer 300. Havn't had it running for about a year. It cranks, has good spark but will not satart without starting fluid. 1 shot in the carb, full choke on and it starts and runs, on very high idle for about 45 seconds then quits. Another shot of ether and it starts again and again shuts down. I can't slow down the idle using the idle screw on the carb. and when I move the chock lever to middle or off, it still shuts down. Any ideas from the xperts?

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