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  2. Norm

    OFATV Trails

    Oh yea! But in Fort McMurray to is a nice place, i have a friend living over there and he love it! And lot's of work to!
  3. Norm


    Oh yea! The trails are very nice and clean, But there not to much mud hole But there one mud trail is about 1 1/2 miles long and every body going there to try to pass they always need the winch!! it's very cool! Thanks for your comment!
  4. Norm

    OFATV Trails

    Thanks, And very nice ATV you own!
  5. Oh yea! I love your Quad man!! You can go very deep in water with this one i think! is it because the 3 pipe on top front, is pumping air? i see a few video of those atv and it's crazy what you can do with that. Very very nice!
  6. Norm

    OFATV Trails

    Hey, Hi! Thanks for comment. There so many deer and moose around my place it's crazy, Last year i saw a moose in my back yard , that was amazing, i was very surprise, lots of deer but a moose in my back yard that was the first time!!
  7. Norm

    OFATV Trails

    It's so nice this trail is amazing! but you should see the Larose Forest Trail! Unbelivable. is located in Prescott-Russell, Ontario
  8. Norm

    OFATV Trails

    Ha Ha i no! that was the first ride my friend did with this bike, the day before the atv was at the dealership! But you should see it at the end of the day it was F*** dirty!!
  9. Norm

    OFATV Trail Camp

    Yea is not done at 100% there missing a few thing, should be done for summer 2012. Last year there was stupid people put fire on the old cottage, so they had to rebuilt it. thanks
  10. Norm

    OFATV Trails

    Ha Ha! Can't wait for spring! So nice that place, there almost 1000 acer of grass need a good tractor! Thanks for your comment.

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