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  2. Would you guys have any idea why the kill/electric start switch burned up?
  3. Thanks guys I'll see what I can do an update you soon. Thanks alot.
  4. But then again I think I am probably going to go back to the stock pipe would I just want to get the stock pipe and not Jet it or both?
  5. Ok Jetting it is no problem. What would you reccomend after that?
  6. I recently trade my dirtbike for a 2002 raptor, with some problems. First of all it idles really fast and when you hit the gas it bogs way down. Thought it might have been something in the carburetor so took it off and cleaned it all up, put it back on and it was the same or maybe worse. Then it doesn't run off choke, and even with the choke on it runs very crappy. Then when I got it the electric start button was stuck, so I ordered a new switch for it. That was 5 days ago and now it does not work. .. It felt hot so maybe it got burned up somehow? Also the guy I got it from put some kind of aftermarket pipe on it. Would that mess with the gas/air ratio? The pipe is so cheap it is basically just a tube on the end of the exhaust it does nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kyle.

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