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  2. Utah county is just south of Salt Lake City. Has some fun trails to ride and offers a variety of terrains.
  3. Thanks all! I am from the Utah County area. Born and raised here.
  4. UPDATE! Figured it out. Turns out my sparkplug fouled while I was warming up the machine! I would have never thought the plug would fail (being a four stroke) as it was idling, but I checked the spark holding the plug up to the head and it wouldn't jump the gap. I swapped out the plug and it fired right up. Goes to show you (Mostly ME) that you always gotta check the basics before you assume the worst.
  5. I took off the fuel line and made sure it was flowing past the filter and it had good flow. Not postive, but pretty sure it is going into the carb. Haven't pulled it apart to check though.
  6. Hey all. Just came across the site, looks pretty cool. Me and my family have always rode atv's and love to get together and ride. Utah has some good riding, but I would like to hear about some other great riding areas. Throw some at me. Laters
  7. I have a 1997 Wolverine. I went to go riding yesterday and it started right up, I drove it off the trailer and had it sitting there running while I put the ramps and tie down straps away. All of a sudden the wheeler died. I was thinking that the thing had just choked out, but after that it would never re-start. I checked the fuel and it was good. Checked for spark and it is there. Any one have any ideas on what could have happened while it was running to cause this problem?

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