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  2. ppalamino, Let me know what you find. I recently tried to call and e-mail, neither worked.
  3. I've ridden both utility and sport quads and I am considering the one best suited to the areas I'll be riding in. I like both and was wondering what the conditions/terrain at Mounds favored. The Sand box is defintely a place for sport quads and I'm not sure about Bundys. Private land sounds great if you can find it. There was a place in Holly called the "Holly Family Farm", this was the info on it: Holly Family Farm 13219 North Holly Rd Holly, MI 48442 248-328-0945 (sat 12:30 to dark; sun 10:00 to 8:00pm) The website is still up: Holly Family Track There are even some YouTube videos of people riding ditbikes and quads there but there contact info isn't doesn't work.
  4. I'm new too, just signed up! The forum looks great. I just found out there are places to ride within two hours of me (Bundy Hill, Mounds ORV and the Sandbox), I'm in Macomb Twp. I'd don't have a quad yet but given those three places (Mounds ORV being the nearest to me) I listed above I'll have to figure out whether to get a utility or sport quad. Any suggestions?

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