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  2. Yeah, I got it. I was thinking of my old 750 4 banger where the chain dropped into the center of the case and turned 2 overhead cams. This is simple,except none of the stores here in town are open,plus I'll prolly have to order parts and wait,wait... Thanks Man !
  3. Wouldnt start,pulled off the covers to check timing/set valves. cam sprocket bolt backed all the way out,keyway"tab"n sprocket broken off and cam chain laying in bottom,broken. Gotta split the cases to replace the chain,right ? It freinds bike,he wont be happy but,I guess he should'nt have let the kids mess with it !! Whatta ya think ?
  4. I got it,no prob. Now I have to fgure out why it wont idle without the choke ! I have cleaned the jets before. What else would cause that problem? TPS ? ...
  5. No,no marks on carrier. I downloaded a manual and it says nothing about cam gear marks,just crank. But,when at tdc,the sprocket bolts are behind the frame rails ! Only way to get at em is to rotate crank ,then I can get socket on them. Weird ! Honda engineered this ? Does'nt seem right. But I only have .005 clearance on ex. valves,so they gotta be changed
  6. I'm trying to check the valves,it just wont run right. I line up the crank mark,then check the cam sprocket mark,cam mark is at 8 o'clock. Is this correct ? Sure does'nt seem right. The owner (my friend) has not bought a S/M ,so I am checking here. Any help ? Thanks.

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