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  2. The point im tryin to make is they are implying that riding a three wheel can am is the same as riding a motorcycle and its not even close. Motorcycles require much more skill
  3. I just gotta say I think its ridiculous that you can now get a motorcycle license on a can am three wheeler.Riding a motorcycle requires much more skill than riding a backwards tricycle.I can see if they created a different license class for such a vehicle but giving someone a motorcycle license because they can ride one of those is just dangerous and wrong.Its not to say because they have the license they will ride a motorcycle but it should definitely be a different test!
  4. Took it for a rip and stalled out in the first five minutes. just for the heck of it I stopped at the gas station and put new gas and ind now its fine. It was bad gas!! Feel kinda stupid,but glad its back in action. Anyway, thanks you everyone for your help!
  5. I cleaned the carb,replaced the plug and switched air filters and i"m going to try it out today.Ill let you know. Thanks
  6. I own a 1998 Honda 300ex The last two times I rode, probably for about an hour,I shut it off for ten or fifteen minutes and when I went to ride again it backfires and then stalls out. Also the motor seems incredibly hot.Then if I let it sit for a long time it starts and runs fine.Can anyone tell me what might be causing this and what will fix it? Thanks a lot!

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