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  2. yes, no spray, amazing what a adjustable rear suspension willdo, took us like 4 days of tunign to get it to hook, but Mickey Thompson 28x12.5x15 Street ET's hook up real good. Dick Miller upper control arms, and SSM lowers with air bad on right rear spring...... Ford 9 inch with 35 spline mosher axle, nodular center section and a spool with 3:89 gears.......
  3. well under the hood laid a fire breathing big block, literally had to have that extra 4 inches t clear the Demon carb and air cleaner assembly
  4. This was the motor for my TRAIL sled , on ice it ran 96 mph in 600 ft in the 1320 ft it ran 137, it was smokin fast and relieable
  5. well it took 7 yrs to build, every nut and bolt was removed except 4-the body mount bolts.
  6. I tried to post pics.I log in, got to pictures, click upload, then anothe page pops up saying it is for memebers only...i joined this site, why cant I post pics?Any clues ? I sent a message to the contact people but never heard back.. Carl
  7. pete, haha thanks but i worked a 12 hour shift today, will take some pics Sunday and post em, if i can get this site to let me post pics, tried posting some other picslast night and it wouldfnt let me Carl
  8. no allit says is BIG RED, it has a facvtory hitch and decals, gonna ake some pic s and post em
  9. My girlfriends dad has a 84 Big Red, he bought new, it is like miont condition, all original. now he is old. So how can I tell what size the engine is? It has reverse with low and hi range trans 4 spd autmatic. Im not into ATV'S, im a sledhead, and gear head...trying to help a old man out. He wants to sell it and buy something more stable like a smaller 4 wheeler. So how can i find out engine size and value? Thanks, Carl:aargh:

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